3 Mariposas Montessori mit acaipur

You’re big deal around here, Wolfgang. Need some evidence? Just look at the photos. You made all these moments possible when you donated to 3 Mariposas Montessori: A Mother’s Wish.

The 21 children who received 3MM scholarships during A Mother’s Wish are having an awesome year!

The children in El Nido (0-2 years) love their music and dance time every week, which is taught by a student’s mother and a volunteer Montessori teacher.

Their favorite songs right now? The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Shark! And they just can’t get enough of the sand pit and individual work time. Their lead teacher, Jenny, is very proud of how far they have come in just 2 months. They’ve learned to wash their hands independently when they arrive in the morning, as well as before snack and, very importantly, they’ve learned to be patient with their classmates, their teachers and themselves. Jenny’s not the only one who is proud of them; we all are!

Acaipur Spendet an Montesori in der Karibik

In the Primary Classroom (3-6 years), the students are fascinated by this year’s weekly themes. A recent favorite was insects! The children collected dead insects around the playground to sort into transparent boxes and examine under the magnifying glass–just like real scientists! The song of the week was none other than La Cucaracha! The Primary students also had a blast on their October field trip to the beach. They’re currently preparing for 3MM’s 4th birthday party on November 15, but if we tell you more, we’d ruin the surprise. 😉

And for all of this, we have you to thank. Thank you!!

Hugs from all your friends (big and small) at 3MM.



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